MOTOR SHOW 2010 Opel Antara, a powerful world premiere

5 December 2010

Il crescente mercato dei SUV di media dimensioni ha un nuovo concorrente. E’ la nuova Opel Antara che fa il suo debutto mondiale al Motor Show di Bologna rinnovata nell’estetica e nella meccanica.

Motor Show 2010: Mitsubishi Outlander unveils new engine

5 December 2010

Mitsubishi And ‘the innovative Mivec 2.2, the latest “heart” inside the off-road diesel, which beat Japan. Two levels of power, many potential

Motor Show 2010 Tata Nano to Europe nod

3 December 2010

Continues the work of the technicians of the House of India to land on the continent with cheap cars ever produced. We will be bright, frugal and well-equipped

Motor Show 2010: Honda Civic 1.8 even sportier

2 December 2010

Civic 1.8-liter is renewed with a series of changes that further enhance its sporting character.

Sportback Audi RS3: When the family goes (very) travel

1 December 2010

Audi RS3 is in fact far more substantial that flashy.

Audi A1 e-tron a generator on board production in 2011

1 December 2010

Audi A1 e-tron while focusing on the drastic reduction of emissions.

Motor Show 2010 DR3 the new pattern of 1.5 liters

1 December 2010

DR5 SUV after the first Italian-Chinese who has had some success in the market, thanks to extremely competitive price, the DR, Molise mark which belongs to the family of Risio, is presented to the Bologna Motor Show with the prototype of what should mark a turning style and technique for the small Italian manufacturer. Which, [...]